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Mindhunters (2001)

This ensemble cast action/thriller did not do well at the box office, but for me it was a blast to work on. This was another collaboration with director Renny Harlin, where I was hired very early on and continued to storyboard scenes after principle photography had begun.
The greatest treat for me was to be flown out to Holland to join the location walkthroughs with the director, cinematographer, production designer, and scouts. There were a number of locations all throughout Holland that made it a fun and unique way to explore a country. The locations included a stunning old power station, and a 'crime town' that various European military and SWAT teams used for urban practice, making the window for set dressing and shooting extremely limited and challenging for the production team.
Somewhere in my home I have a DVD with a ton of location photos, all the storyboards, and a bunch of concept illustrations, but where I have stashed that disc is anyone's guess.